What’s for dinner: One of our favorites: Watermelon Jicama Mint Salad!

Years ago, my besties, Cristianna and Lindsay, invited us over for our first official dinner party. It was delicious!


Ever since then, I have frequently made this crazy refreshing and bright watermelon jicama mint salad. I had to ask Cristianna what jicama was, which is like a Mexican turnip. It has the texture of a starchy potato, but the crispness and freshness of an apple. I also asked for the recipe, and she gave me some overall ideas of what was in it, but nothing specific. So, I had to figure out those deets on my own. (We were just getting to know each other then, so I guess she didn’t want to share her secrets just yet) When I made the recipe video, she let me know I was close, with one correction…smh. Below is my recipe, followed by Cristianna FINALLY letting me know the correct recipe! Thanks, blog!


Here’s a very short video on how to make the salad, and the recipe is below.

-10 cups cubed watermelon
-5 cups julienned jicama
-3 tablespoons fresh, chopped mint
-1/2 cup fresh lime juice
-1.5 teaspoons salt
-1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (or 1 tablespoon fresh lime zest
instead, according to Cristianna)
-2 tablespoons honey

1. Cut the watermelon into small cubes. This can be done many ways, but the video above shows my favorite method. I have also julienned the watermelon, and that made for a beautiful salad as well.
2. Julienne the jicama. I do NOT suggest cubing it. Jicama is a nice, sublte touch if added in small bites. However, it can be too much if the bites are too large.
3. Make the dressing by adding the mint, lime juice, salt, vinegar (or lime zest), and honey and mixing.
4. Add all ingredients together and refrigerate to cool. Eat at any time.
*Hint: Don’t throw away any of the juice left from the salad. Instead, make a great summer cocktail with it by adding some tequila!

Cristianna’s hint:
Instead of using apple cider vinegar, I just zest the lime and use that. I can’t believe you couldn’t figure that out, Amy!

If you use this recipe, comment and let us know how you like it!

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