Tipsy: The Best Margarita in Town, Reviews & Recipe

We all love a great margarita, and in Little Rock, restaurants have been bringing their “A” game to the margarita match lately. So, let’s pick some favorites, break them down, and try to figure out which one is best. Below, I have listed some great, popular margs in town (in no particular order).
Here are MY rules:
1. NO frozen margaritas. I want a fresh-made margarita and that usually only occurs when made on-the-rocks. But more importantly, if you want a slurpee, head to a gas station. Be a grown up and order a drink like an adult: on the rocks.
2. No flavored margaritas. If I opened that up, this post would never end. So, we’re keeping it simple here and only analyzing the best traditional margaritas.

You ready? Here goes.


Fonda happy hour margarita on the rocks.

Fonda margaritas are pretty fantastic.  They are made with freshly squeezed lime juice and organic agave nectar.  I like a slightly sweeter than sour margarita, and this one hits the nail on the head for me. On the regular menu, they are $5.99.  During happy hour from 3-6, they are $4.99. (Or at least they were about a year ago). Lately, I have read rumors about a certain day of the week where they have $1 frozen margaritas. While you know frozen margaritas aren’t my first choice, I’ll love them for a dollar! If you can confirm this and the day it is offered, please comment to let us all know. And then you’ll know where to find us at least one day a week.
One more tidbit: This margarita was so good the first time I tried it with my husband, Drew, that this was the moment when we said that we have to learn how to make margaritas this good at home. So, that is where the margarita recipe experimenting began.
*These guys are closed on Mondays.

Local Lime

Local Lime happy hour margarita on the rocks.

Local Lime margaritas had better be good since they are “taco and margarita bar”…..and don’t worry, they are. Local Lime prepares their margaritas with freshly squeezed juice, house-made syrups, Reposada tequila, and Stirrings triple sec. You can get this margarita for $6.50 during regular hours. It used to be more expensive…but it also used to be bigger. However, they are only $5 during their happy hour, which is Mon-Friday 2-5.  Along with their $3 guacamole during happy hour, this deal isn’t too shabby.
If you aren’t a fan of sweeter margaritas, such as Fonda’s version, this one will be your pick. It isn’t too sour, though. It really rides the line between sweet and sour, in my opinion. It also packs a punch, so most people only drink a couple before calling it quits…which gives it points in my book.

Baja Grill

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Baja Grill happy hour margaritas, plus their amazing salsa.

Baja Grill can carry their own with their margaritas, for sure.
They are made with 100% agave Reposada tequila, orange liqueur, and a house-made mix. While these margaritas come out fast, at least during happy hour (when else would I be there?) which makes me think these are pre-made, they still taste very fresh! These are pretty similar to Fonda’s, in that they are a little sweeter than sour, but they are still strong. My kinda margarita. You can get them for $7.00 during regular hours, or you can get them all day for $4.00 on Mondays, or $4.00 during their happy hour: Mon-Fri, 2-6.
Last tidbit: Once Drew and I had “perfected” our margarita recipe, this Baja Grill margarita reminded us of our own, maybe a little better. So, I love it! If you do as well, and want try your hand at margaritas at home, the recipe is below.

The real “house” margarita

While going out for margaritas is always fun, sometimes you just want to stay in. So, after a few testers, Drew and I think we have a pretty great margarita recipe.
Full disclosure: I didn’t help do much with this except be a taste-tester. =)

Ingredients (an ounce measuring cup is necessary)


– 1 ounce Sauza Blue Silver (This has 100% blue agave) You NEED a
great tequila, do not cheap out or your margarita will dissapoint. I
really love this tequila and it is still pretty reasonably priced.
-1 ounce triple sec (we prefer to use Dekuyper, but Lake Liquor was    out of this brand coming on Memorial Day weekend)
– 2/3 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice
-1.5 ounce simple syrup (warm the same amount of sugar and water until
mixed). If you like your margs a little less sweet, feel free adjust this
– margarita salt

1. Put ice into your cocktail shaker so it is very cold. The less the ice
melts, the better.
2. Take a piece of lime and run it along the rim of your glass. Then dip      into the margarita salt.
3. Mix up all of the ingredients into the shaker and shake it. Pour into a cold glass full of ice/rocks. Get happy.


There are still places that boast of having great margaritas, like The Fold, that I simply haven’t tried yet. So, as always, I’ll keep an open mind and am open to changing my opinion. If you know of a great margarita around town, let us know about it in the comments!

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