Food Review: TAE (True Arkansas Eatery)

It was Lori’s birthday, so we went to get something special for lunch at TAE, which just opened a week ago. We both loved The Southern Gourmasian and hated it closed permanently. So, we were very excited to hear that its former owners were giving it another shot at this new restaurant.
Here’s the breakdown:


Located in the Frederica Hotel on Capitol, this restaurant is easy to find and there is hotel parking available, which was super convenient- and free.

The restaurant itself is very small, but modernly decorated (similar to the Frederica Hotel’s decor). It has a business- casual feel to it. So, it isn’t too stuffy, while still feeling like a nice place to enjoy a great meal.



The menu isn’t too lengthy, but it is full of delicious options, so it was hard to decide on what to order. Full of Southern cuisine such as fried chicken, meatloaf, cornbread dressing, fried spare ribs, fried green tomatoes, candied yams, purple hull peas, and much more.



Pork + Cornbread Sliders: $8.25
Description: shredded pork, smokey greens, crispy purple hull peas, bbq sauce on top of cornbread.

Three of us split this “snack” and we all loved it. The cornbread is course, sweet, and definitely house-made. The pork was so tender and juicy. The smoky greens fit right in. The bbq was sparse, which was perfect. It didn’t overpower the flavor of the other ingredients. This is a large appetizer, definitely worth $8!

Twice-Fried Chicken Salad: $10
Description: Field greens, fried chicken breast, egg, tomato, cucumber, red onion, pimento cheese, with choice of dressing.

I don’t know what “twice-fried” chicken is, but it is delicious! These breast strips were so juicy, but the coating was perfectly crunchy. Even my last bite of salad still had crunch! I opted out of the pimento cheese, and I went with their house-made vinaigrette. The salad was very large, the picture doesn’t do it justice. It was delicious and filling and I would definitely get this again.

Homestyle Patty Melt: $9

Description: Arkansas toast, marinated beef patty, pimento cheese, and grilled onions. Comes with fries.

Lori ordered this one and loved it! I did steal a few fries off of her plate, and they were perfect. Crispy, slightly greasy (in a good way), and perfectly salty. These may the best fries around.


Twice-Fried Chicken Gyro: $9.25
Description: Breast meat, field greens, tomato, and cool sauce. Comes with fries.

While I didn’t try this dish, it looked amazing. Courtney really liked it! And the fries were perfectly delicious, again.  Courtney’s only complaint was that the pita was not heated or grilled first. It was cold and dense, which made the gyro hard to eat. She suggests definitely grilling the pita first. Good idea!

Overall, this place has already nailed some great dishes and has wonderful potential! I can’t wait for their dinner service to open and see what they add to that menu. Until then, I’m going back for the fried chicken and fries!


Travels: A food and music-filled trip to Nashville, 2017

(Attention: If you are only interested in the “food” section of this post, please scroll down to the bottom.)

This is the fourth year that Drew and I have attended CMA Fest in Nashville, TN, and I believe this one was the best yet! (minus a new complaint I’ll explain soon.)

We arrived Thursday morning around 9:30. After finally finding a parking spot and walking to the entrance of the Chevrolet Riverfront Stage (the biggest free stage, where Old Dominion was beginning the show), and waiting in line for about 45 minutes to get security checked, we finally made it to see the last two songs of Old Dominion. =(

Throughout the four day festival, we spent a lot of time at the Riverfront Stage, but also ventured out to the new Budweiser Dome, the new Crackerbarrel Stage,  and the usual Park Stage and Hard Rock Cafe Stage.  Here are some pics of just a few of the great acts we saw:

Chevrolet Riverfront Stage:

Bretty Young

Budweiser Dome Stage:

Maddie & Tae
Deana Carter
Lauren Alaina

Crackerbarrel Stage:

Danielle Peck

Park Stage:

Clare Dunn

Music City Center Stage:

Post Monroe

We also enjoyed a bit of time each day inside of FanFairX, where my complaint comes in. Years before, you can get in line to meet artists at their “meet and greets”. If you were there early, you could probably make the cut. However, this year, you now have to win a technology-based doorprize to be able to get in line to see these stars. So, I won nothing and got ZERO pics or autographs this year. Not cool, CMA Fest, not cool.
The best I could do was stand on the side and take embarrassing pictures of stars.

Kellie Pickler

However, there are a few stages in FanFairX as well, and we got to see a few great artists here as well, in the lovely air conditioning.

Hunter Hayes

One of my favorite things about CMA Fest is always enjoying the many “freebies” we come across. Here’s a blog post specifically showing all that we got this year:



In a very particular order, least favorite to favorite, here are the full blog posts of all four dinners we had while in Nashville. And yes, this was the best food weekend here yet!

Fresh to Order:

The Wild Cow:

Thai Esane:


The only other restaurant I have drastically enjoyed in Nashville is Mas Tacos, which we visited last year.
If you have any other suggestions for places I MUST try during our next Nashville trip, please let me know in the comments!