Food Review: Fujiyama on the Wheels, What a Deal!

I have seen this new, somewhat randomly placed, food truck in Morgan, on Hwy 365, right next to the Kum N Go. I finally decided to see if there were any reviews of the place yet, and there could only be a few found on their Facebook page. Though, all of the 27 FB reviews rated it 5/5. So, I had to get dinner there. Here’s the breakdown:

The Truck

The people were extremely nice and they got all the food I ordered (3 meals, including sushi) out in about 12 minutes. That is pretty fast! So, the experience here was great.

The Menu

I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable everything was. At a regular hibachi restaurant, hibachi chicken would be well over $10 dollars ($14.95 at Maumelle’s only other Japanese restaurant). I was also pleased that there was actual sushi! Though with all of it being cooked sushi, and most of it fried, it isn’t very authentic. However, it seemed cheap, so I had to try some.

The Food

California Bite Roll ($2.99)- top
Description: Deep fried California roll with 3 special sauces.

I was surprised at how much fried sushi I got for only $3!!!! The five pieces were very large and they sliced the sushi BEFORE frying it. So each piece was fully coated in tempura batter and deep fried. Then, it was covered in three sauces, though I could only detect two: spicy mayo and eel. It was good, though hard to eat, because it was so large. Nothing special, except for what a bargain! And if you love your sushi really fried, you will love this.

Seafood Special Roll ($7.95)- bottom
Description: Tuna, crab, shrimp, with yummy sauce deep fried with 3 oshin sauces. (all cooked)

The 8 pieces of this sushi roll was even larger than the California roll. They were packed full of the seafood filling, which mostly tasted of yum yum sauce, not that I’m complaining. The fry on this roll was different, it was crispier than the tempura batter as it appeared to be made of “crunch” and other breadcrumb breading. (If you know Arkansas sushi, you know what “crunch” is.)
I definitely liked the crunchiness of this roll. And there were definitely three sauces on this one, one being sriracha. So, I liked the sweet and slightly spicy combo of the sauce and seafood filling. It was definitely better than the California roll, but $5. But still, $8 for a huge sushi roll? I don’t hear of that anywhere else either. Still cheap!

Hibachi Vegetables ($5.95)

Holy moly, this was a ton of food! The entire to-go container was  packed. The fried rice only consisted of rice and a bit of egg, and it was very bland. Though, it was the perfect texture, not overcooked like many others. The veggies included broccoli, onion, carrots, and zucchini. These were still very al-dente and also weren’t swimming in flavor. However, a cup of yumyum sauce also accompanies each entree. This $6 “meal” (more like 2-3) may be the best deal in Maumelle.

Hibachi Steak ($8.95)

While this again, was quite a deal compared to other places, this was the most disappointing item I bought. The steak was ordered medium-rare, though it was a little overcooked and there wasn’t much flavor. There also wasn’t much of it, period.

With the rice and veggies needing a little extra, I took both hibachi entrees and put them into my larger skillet, added four eggs, soy sauce, and the yum yum packets and made a very delicious fried rice with the veggies and steak mixed in.

While Drew and I ate some suchi, we couldn’t finish it all. We only had a few bites each of the rice and veggie mix. So, now we have those two to-go containers completely full of delicious leftovers. This will easily equal three- four more meals. WHAT A DEAL!


I am so glad to have this addition in Maumelle! Cheap, heaping amounts of Japanese food? Yes, please! I would order the shrimp hibachi entree instead of the steak. The reviews on that are it is delicious and perfectly cooked. I would definitely get the hibachi vegetables again, even if I have to mix them up and add soy sauce, big deal? And while it will be pretty darn hard to pass up $3 sushi, I may go with trying a couple of the other rolls. Their $5 crunchy shrimp is temping, and I heard people in line saying how good the Maumelle roll is. Will I be back? Definitely. And then I’ll eat for days.


Crawfish and Snow Crab and Shrimp, Oh my! Review of D’s Cajun Cuisine Food Truck

D’s Cajun Cuisine  is a food truck that is currently parked in front of Tommy’s Meat Market on Highway 365, just outside of Maumelle.  It is only open on Fridays (4-9) and Saturdays (11-9), though. We love crawfish and gave this a shot. Here’s our take:


The owner couldn’t be nicer, nor busier. The first time I stopped by this place was at 4:30 on a Saturday, and they were already completely sold out of everything! The owner, Micah Dingler, gave me a card and said to call in orders ahead of time to ensure we get some food. So, that’s what we did the following weekend.


There are only three things on the menu: crawfish, snow crab, and shrimp. So, we got all of them! If you get any of these in a meal, you also get a sausage, corn, and a potato. Also, they only take cash. Good news: the tax is included on the menu prices.


We’ll start with the good stuff, the snow crab!

 This was the best snow crab I have ever had. First off, these crab legs were very large, so I got a lot of meat in the 1 lb serving. They were cooked and seasoned to perfection. The crab meat was very tender and there was enough spice to give it a great kick, but not too much to cover the sweetness of the crab. I will be getting this again.

We each got a crawfish meal, that comes with 3 lbs of crawfish. It came in a plastic bag, so we put each meal on a large tray…that is a lot of crawfish!

 While the crawfish was cooked perfectly, I felt it lacked in spice. The tail meat was pretty bland. This would be considered perfect for someone who doesn’t like any heat, but I love spicy seafood…and this was not spicy at all.

The most disappointing item was the shrimp. These are beautiful, large shrimp, but they are peeled prior to being boiled. And they are extremely overcooked. The rubbery texture was off-putting, though the flavor was better than that of the crawfish. Yet, again, I would prefer my shrimp a little spicier.
The sides were fine, nothing special. The corn was nice and spicy. The potato was a potato. The large sausage links included in the meals were very flavorful, but very fatty.


We loved the crab, I will definitely get more of that in my future. However, for crawfish or shrimp, I’m going to Eat My Catfish.  Their version is much spicier and is always cooked perfectly, as well.