Food Review: The Rogue Roundabout in Conway

I’ve been wanting to try this place every since I heard they have Scotch Eggs! I LOVE a good Scotch Egg, but that egg yolk had better be runny to be a great one! (Spoiler alert: the egg was cooked perfectly!)

My husband and I ran in here after we topped by for Sourdough at BMB Creations- I didn’t realize it was right next door!

We got the Scotch eggs ($13) to split as well as the Eggplant sandwich with sweet potato fries ($12) to split.

The two Scotch eggs came on top of dijon mustard and blackberry merlot sauce. Once I cut one open, I knew it was cooked PERFECTLY. Just look at that egg!
While this Scotch egg was wonderful, I have never had one with chorizo sausage instead of breakfast sausage, and the flavor of the chorizo was very strong. It overpowered the rest with its spice and paprika taste. The mustard and blackberry sauce added a little flavor variety, though it was hard to taste the blackberry sauce through the chorizo.
Overall, you should definitely try this. Where else around here can you get a Scotch egg?

I was happily surprised to find the real star of our lunch was the Eggplant sandwich. With grilled eggplant, squash and zucchini, peppadew olive tempenade, arugula, and basil pistachio pesto on sourdough, this sandwich was massive and very hearty. It was stuffed full of grilled veggies, which needed more/some salt, but the pesto gave it a nice fresh flavor. I am so glad we split it because one Scotch egg and half of this sandwich had me FULL.
The sweet potato fries were thin and crispy, just how I like them! They came with a large side of curried ketchup as well.

Overall, I loved this meal. The place itself looks fantastic, with a major Lost Forty vibe. You share tables at this brewery where you get really good food. There’s even a coffee bar that is open from 7-11 I’ll have to try at some point. If there’s a dish here I MUST try next time, let me know!

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