Food Review: Two Hands Corndogs in Little Rock

I have seen “Korean Corndogs” on t.v. and dreamed of trying them one day while on my first vacation to Korea. Thankfully, Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs opened a franchise here in Little Rock, so I didn’t have to wait so long.

The restaurant space is pretty small, but efficient. You order at the counter and wait for your order at your table. There are a few tables, but not many. So, this is not a great spot for a nice sit down dinner. I got two corn dogs to go, as it was packed.

Their menu may be found on their site here. While it is small, there are technically 42 hot dogs to pick from! You pick your coating first, then your filling that can be a sausage made of meat, veggies, or different cheeses- or a combo of sausage and cheese.

For sides, they have elote, Kimchi fries, or Dirty fries with hot cheetos powder and their signature sauce. For beverages, they have five different slushes to choose from, including an Horchata slush. They also have boba teas in six flavors, including coffee, custard, rose, taro, and more.

I only got two hot dogs to try this first visit. After much internet review research and friends’ opinions, I believe I picked the most popular dogs. I started with the Classic Korean dog, that is fried and topped with sugar (weird sounding, I know) and has ketchup and mustard drizzled over the top, with a spicy beef dog.

The spicy dog made it- it was so good! The heat made it very flavorful, but it certainly wasn’t a lot of heat- anyone can do the spicy sausage. It was very good and unique and the sugar wasn’t overpowering. In fact, I hardly noticed it.

My second corn dog was the potato with the regular beef sausage. You guessed it, this corn dog is not only fried with the regular corndog batter, but it has diced potato chunks added to the outside of the batter and then it is fried. It’s then drizzled with their dirty sauce and flamin hot cheetos powder.

THIS corn dog was like nothing I’ve ever had. It tasted like tater tots and a corn dog, plus a little kick from the sauce, all in one bite! I heard some complains that the potatoes get hard to chew, but that was certainly not my experience. They were crispy, but very tender and easy to eat. I would suggest trying this one if you haven’t had any Korean corn dogs yet- it’s pretty awesome.

Overall, this is a fun place to get a meal you may not have tried before. Kids would LOVE this place!

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