Food Review: Mountain View, AR Restaurant Visits- Spring Break

Over this spring break, we went camping around Mountain View. What’s new? 🤣 Here are the run-downs of all the restaurants we tried:

The Rusty Cup

The outside of The Rusty Cup, downtown Mountain View

This new restaurant is the one I was MOST impressed with. It is adorably decorated with plenty of tables and booths inside, though I got my order to go.
The menu, while it is not posted anywhere online for me to link, is full of breakfast items and lunch items, as well as many coffee and other drink options. The breakfast looks very tempting! From traditional items, such as country plates with eggs, steaks, bacon, or sausage, to more healthy options including avocado toast. There are also great looking pancakes and breakfast burritos.
For lunch, there are mostly sandwiches and some salads that are delicious!
For coffee, they have it all! There’s also specialty cold drinks, like a wild strawberry lemonade, and even scoops of ice cream!

Reuben with no cheese from The Rusty Cup

I went for the reuben, which was delicious! (And I’m pretty picky about my reubens). The meat was tender and juicy. The homemade dressing was divine. I loved this sandwich and will definitely get it again. In fact, I may not try anything else. It comes with your choice of side, and I got the coleslaw, which was colorful and not too mayonnaise-y, which I like.

I also really wanted to try a new salad, so I went for the Asian Chicken salad. It was awesome! For less than $10, this is great! A large salad, full of different textures and flavors. It is very pretty as well and had enough chicken to make a meal of its own. Again, their homemade dressing made it fantastic!

The Asian Chicken Salad from The Rusty Cup

Overall, this place brings a few new food additions plus the country, homey food we all love. It is cute, the service must be great because my to-go order was ready early and made a fast and flawless check out. I love it!

Sasquatch Cave

Inside of Sasquatch Cave in Mountain View

Directly next door to The Rusty Cup is Sasquatch Cave, a new coffee, smoothie, and panini lunch spot. It’s interior has only one table and a bar at the window to sit at, but most people get items here to-go.

When I saw the menu pics on their Facebook page, I got very excited because they have an acai bowl! I love acai bowls and they are very hard to find anywhere in Arkansas. So, props to this place!
Besides an acai bowl, there are so many delicious-sounding smoothies, to which you can add protein powder or collagen. There are also a few paninis and wraps to pick from, and even breakfast sandwiches served all day.

As for the coffee, there are frappes!

Acai bowl at Sasquatch Cave

My acai bowl was beautiful and filled with plenty of fruit, granola, and an edible flower. If you aren’t sure what an acai bowl is, its just a smoothie bowl. However, the smoothie part is a thick blend of strawberries, blueberries banana, and acai with almond milk. It was huge! While the fruit was a little sour, I think in the summer months when fruit is more in season, this bowl will be perfect.

The Roast Beef Reuben at Sasquatch Cave

Even though we ate inside, all food was put into to-go containers, which works great for leftovers. I had to order the reuben, but this one is made with roast beef instead of corned beef. It was a panini, so the bread was crispy, which I loved. The roast beef was tasty, and the regular sauerkraut. I was surprised when it wasn’t dressed, but came with a Ken’s Thousand Island on the side. Using a store-bought dressing would usually be a negative, but Ken’s is the best. So, I am not complaining. For to-go orders, this is perfect. Keep your sandwich crispy until you’re ready to drown it in the dressing and gobble up. The sandwich came with a side bag of chips of your choice as well. Overall, this isn’t the best reuben I’ve had around these parts, so I’ll probably try something else next time.

Overall, the people are so friendly here. You can watch the smoothies being made while you wait. Though, the seating is an issue with only about eight chairs total? Before I can give any more of an opinion, I’ll need to try more off their menu. Have you tried any of their smoothies? What’d you think?

Mountain View Donut Factory

Mountain View Donut Factory

Damn you, Mountain View Donut Factory. I have spent years not eating donuts. Now I’ve been for a box of donuts TWICE this week! Y’all….this place is awesome.
There are SO many donut options and they are all at a very affordable price. From crullers, to cake donuts, to regular yeast ones with tons of different toppings, to stuffed donuts you can fill with whatever filling you choose, and even savory kolaches and biscuits and gravy.

The first visit, I got a $2.50 massive apple fritter, a plain donut, a chocolate long john filled with bavarian cream, and an “original” blueberry cruller (not pictured above). Everything was good, but that blueberry cruller was the best donut I’ve ever had. That’s why I had to go back for more.

On the second visit, I got three blueberry “original” crullers, two plain, and a chocolate donut stuffed with the white cream. The white cream is hands down delicious! It’s like whipped cream mixed with a little icing, fluffy and delicious. I’ll continue to stick with this filling forever.

Overall, this place is a gem. Its owners are so kind, the prices are so right, and the donuts are so delicious.

Food Review: Milano’s in Maumelle (take out)

I love Milano’s. It’s the only place in Maumelle you can get a large variety of authentic Italian dishes, where there’s something for everyone. The owners are extremely nice and welcoming as well.

I got dinner for two, to go, since we were in a rush and didn’t feel like getting dressed nicely in order to eat out. The first thing I noticed when ordering online was how this is one of the few places around central AR that hasn’t sky-rocketed their prices these last couple years. I can get delicious pasta dishes for the same price or cheaper than Olive Garden currently offers- and way better!

When I arrived to pick up the order, I noticed the interior has been renovated and it looks amazing! It looks so nice and much fancier than it did in the past. At that moment, I wished we had opted to eat there instead of at home. Next time!

I was very happy to see there were fresh, hot bread rolls with our meals (two per meal), as well as the included side salad with choice of dressing. We opted to try the house vinaigrette. It was tomato based, and was delicious- especially when you dip the bread in it.

For our meals, I got the Veal Florentine ($19.95). I have only had perfect veal from Montana, but have chased that high ever since. Sadly, everywhere I’ve tried veal here in Arkansas, it is flavorless and tough. Unfortunately, the same story was told here. I should have gotten Chicken Florentine instead. Besides the veal, I loved the pasta with spinach and mushrooms. However, I did have to add salt and pepper to really taste the dish.

My husband got the Chicken Milano’s ($16.95), which was both our favorites for the night. The sundried tomatoes added a great flavor, without being overpowering, to the tender chicken and mushrooms and pink sauce. We loved it!

There was more than enough food! We ate until we couldn’t anymore for dinner and finished our large amount of leftovers for lunch the next day. I really feel like we got our money’s worth here, which always makes me like a place a lot more.

Overall, Milano’s is fantastic! I can’t wait to go back and enjoy a sit down meal and try one of their delicious desserts that called my name from the dessert fridge at the front when I went in to pick up the food. Let me know what your favorite dish is so I can try something new next time!