Food Review: Great Seafood at Flying Burger and Seafood in Caddo Valley (Lake DeGray)

While camping at DeGray Lake this past weekend, Drew and I went into “town” (Caddo Valley) one rainy morning for an early lunch. We decided to try the new Flying Burger and Seafood. Here’s the dish:


This newly built restaurant is clean and open.

It has a “David’s Burgers” feel. It is decorated in mostly red, black, and white. You order at the counter, with all of their raw meat and seafood on display. You are given a buzzer and can go get your food when it is ready.


Every table had paper towels, and there is plastic-ware and plenty of sauces to choose from in the front. (Remoulade, Ranch, Tarter Sauce, Ketchup, Honey Mustard)


While you can find their menu in the link above, it has just about anything anyone would want. From burgers, fresh salads, and fried seafood baskets, to boiled platters and grilled plates….there’s something for everyone.


Crawfish Corn Chowder- bowl: $7.49

Usually when I order a bowl vs. a cup of soup at a restaurant, I am disappointed with the size. Not here! This bowl was massive. Drew and I split it as an appetizer and couldn’t finish.
Was it that good? Meh. It has a few pieces of crawfish in it, which were nice. But the flavor consisted of mostly corn. There were some other veggies, such as bell peppers and onions, throughout. However, at the “dips” bar, there were also containers of “cajun spice” and hot sauces to choose from. After adding some cajun spice seasoning and some Louisiana hot sauce, it was much tastier. Otherwise, it is pretty bland. I wouldn’t get this again. Though, it is a ton of soup for less than $8.


6 Catfish Fillets Basket: $10.99
*Baskets come with fries and 2 hush puppies. However, we opted out of the fries (while fresh cut, they looked a little limp and disappointing) and replaced them with 6 extra hush puppies.

This may be the cheapest catfish I have ever gotten. 6 pieces plus two sides for $11 is pretty awesome!
Even better, it was delicious! The fish was cooked perfectly. Crispy and flaky. It tasted very clean, not fishy at all. However, the batter didn’t have too much flavor. Dipping it in any of the many optional sauces fixes that, though.
The hush puppies were huge and sweet, not too greasy. They tasted great dipped in their remoulade sauce.
We ended up taking 3 pieces of catfish and 6 hush puppies back to camp to snack on later.
*I judge a great catfish filet based on how the crispiness sets up after it has been in the fridge for a while. These filets were still crispy and delicious a day later!


I would definitely recommend this spot if you’re in the area. All other food I saw coming out looked delicious, especially their large salads with perfectly seasoned salmon on top! OH, and they have huge homemade cinnamon rolls for $2 if you aren’t too full after your meal.
Plus, the service was fast and friendly. Great spot!

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