Food Review: Lunch Buffet at Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine

The popular new buffet (for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week)  Mehfil is a mostly Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and is located in the old Dixie Cafe on Rodney Parham.  I was very excited about trying it, I love Indian food and was looking forward to trying some new dishes I haven’t tasted before. Here’s the breakdown:


While the old Dixie Cafe brick walls are still there and feel familiar, they have spruced up the space. There is a more chic waiting/ lounge area near the door.

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The restaurant is open with many tables in the buffet area.

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Also, there is a bar area, where Dixie Cafe’s old ice cream parlor used to reside.

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This restaurant seems like a great spot for private events. They even had a New Year’s Eve Party, full of dancing and eating. Seems like a fun place!



The buffet is very large! The beginning of the line has a few house-made sauces, including a yogurt sauce and a killer mint chutney. (I didn’t try the others). There is also a salad and some assorted fruit with rice pudding and gulab jamun (doughnut balls in syrup for us new to Indian food) for dessert.

The rest of the buffet had 11 other items, not counting the na’an you get at your table. Some of my favorites included the vegetable pakora (fried veggie pieces, perfect for dipping into the many saucy dishes), chicken vindaloo that was so flavorful with a kick of heat, the kabob, and the vegetable qorma. My favorite item, though, was the chicken tika masala. It was rich and creamy and tasted a lot more similar to Indian dishes I’m used to around here.

There were a few dishes that I didn’t fall in love with, probably because they are so authentic and my pallet is too basic. And there were some dishes I didn’t get to try because there were soo many options!

Overall, the buffet is impressive with something for everyone…well, many somethings for everyone.

Drew and my set up. I don’t like my food touching. LOL


The absolute best part of the meal was the very delicious, very flavorful na’an that comes to the table. You get the option of plain or garlic. Of course I chose garlic! It had some chewy bites, some crispy ones….it may be the best na’an in Little Rock.

Overall, you have to try this place. It is authentic, the people are very friendly, and it wasn’t crowded for an early lunch on a Wednesday. Plus, it is only $10. So, let me know what you think of it!