Food Review: Flyway Brewing

I’m not a HUGE beer person, but I am a huge pretzel person. Here’s my take:
-Environment- very cool, modern, and spacious.
-Blueberry Wheat Beer- this was my fav, but I like light, fruity beer….most IPA lovers will not like this.

Two flights of beer

-Pretzels- a little disappointing, too thick and under done for my taste, but I like pretzels well done.. Not much buttery flavor. I tried the plain one, it came with really good course ground mustard. I also tried the sriracha one with madras mustard. It wasn’t sriracha-y enough and that mustard was downright gross. Everyone I was with agreed. The lavender salt pretzel with honey mustard was by far the best. Not too lavender-y, but lots of good salty flavor. The honey mustard was pretty typical, very sweet.

Flyway pretzel (plain with courses ground mustard)

But let your mouth be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments.