Mountain View’s Bean Fest is a Gas!

Mountain View, AR holds an annual “Bean Fest” and I’ve been going for a few years now. It’s my favorite Arkansas festival, actually. There’s tons of free music, a ridiculous amount of free beans and cornbread, vendors, food trucks, and it closes with outhouse races. I can’t make this stuff up.

This year was particularly crowded. Many running the event said they never expected the numbers of people attending would be higher than ever this year.


I showed up an hour and. a half before noon, when the beans were scheduled to be served. I shopped, got my favorite chai latte from The Old Town Espresso drive-through. It really does have the best hot and iced chai tea I’ve ever had- SO much flavor! A must-try, really.


As we sat and listened to live music with the enormous crowd, at about 11:15, it was announced that the beans were being served now. Thank goodness I showed up early!

We got in long lines at one of the twelve stations where competitors were serving their beans.

You are encouraged to try as many beans as you can and then pay a dollar for a vote stub to vote for your favorite. There’s bowls, spoons, and cornbread at every station.

Drew and I got to try three different types before the bowls, then the beans ran clear out.

We were lucky being there early, as the many people who showed up at noon were told the beans were all gone. All was left was the outhouse races at 1:00. Usually, there are multiple entrances in this race, but this year there were only 6, I believe.

The winners were announced: Daniel Andrews won the best beans and JoJo’s Catfish Wharf won the outhouse race.

This event is really special. Dozens of businesses come together to donate everything (raw beans, propane, pots, etc.) so people can take part in this fun competition. If you’ve never been to Bean Fest, check it out next year….but show up early before the beans are gone.

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