Food Review: The Hybrid Kitchen in Maumelle

The Hybrid Kitchen has been open almost a year and has been a wonderful addition to Maumelle, giving me access to unique Thai and Asian fusion cuisine we can’t get anywhere else. I’ve been there about four times, all for take-out. Now that I have tried more than just the panang curry (which I had to get over and over), I feel qualified to write a review finally.

Located near the Walmart Supercenter, in the shopping center with Casa Mañana, at 13120 Crystall Hill Rd. You can eat indoors, but it is very small. With the Covid situation, I’ve just been doing take-out. They are always timely and will do curb-side if you call once you arrive.

The Menu

While The Hybrid Kitchen has its own site, the menu is vastly more updated here on their Facebook Menu page. The menu is large and everything sounds SO good. they have appetizers, like a public favorite the cheeseburger eggrolls.

For main courses, they have many different fried rice dishes, like the Secret Bowl, which is their fried rice topped with korean bulgogi beef. I have to try this! They have ramen, pho, panang curry (my favorite), pad thai, street tacos, steamed bao buns, burritos, and a croissant burger. Whew, that’s a list!

Not mentioned on the menu are their fruit, milk, and boba teas. Finally, they are known for sweets as well, especially their homemade macarons and cupcakes. All of their teas and sweets come in many flavors and the sweets are always changing. Once they had fruity pebble macarons!

Occassionally, they will post a special on their FB page. For example, they used to have an amazing papaya salad. I had it three times, but this previous time, they said that will no longer be available anymore. I am so upset about this!

The Food

Panang Curry: $8.99
Description: Coconut and red curry based soup filled with marinated chicken, red bell peppers, kaffer leaves, bamboo shoots, and fresh basil. Served with a side of jasmine rice.

Honestly, I got the panang chicken curry the first time there. It was the best panang curry I have had, so I didn’t try anything else for a few trips. So unprofessional for a food blogger, right? It is that good! Full of chicken, and many vegetables, this creamy, spicy soup is perfection. It doesn’t look big, but this meal goes far. This is a great deal for authentic curry for only 9 bucks!

Pad Thai: $8.99
Description: Stir-fry noodle dish that is sweet, spicy, tangy, and flavorful. Filled with thin noodles, eggs, choice of meat (chicken, shrimp, or combo), peanuts, bean sprouts, carrots, fresh basil, onions, green onions, and cilantro.

This was a massive amount of food for $9! The bowl was very tall, so the photo does not do it justice. there is over half of it left in my fridge now. This is a great pad thai full of plenty of egg, onions, veggies, chicken. I love how the noodles are the only star of the show here. However, I did find it a little bland. Simply adding sriracha and a little soy sauce bumped its game right to where I like it. I can’t wait to eat these leftovers!

Korean BBQ Street Tacos: $7.99
Description: Marinated beef bulgogi style overnight. Four (or five on Taco Tuesdays) warm flour or corn tortillas filled with beef and garnished with onions, green onions, and cilantro. Also comes in spicy bbq or por bbq.

I got these only because it was Taco Tuesday and they throw you in a free taco! I got he corn tortillas. While they were tiny, they were full of beef and topped with plenty of onions and cilantro. The lime added the necessary brightness to really appreciate all of the flavor. While these were good, I probably won’t get them again because everything else so far I have liked a lot more. But if you love street tacos, these are a delicious take on them with an Korean twist!

At this point, this is all I have tried, besides the papaya salad I had gotten three times that is no longer there. In in remembrance, here is a photo. You will be missed!


I am so happy to have such unique food in Maumelle that is truly delicious! I love just running by and picking up an affordable, authentic meal any day of the week. The only thing that could improve is if their menus/ specials were updated on their FB page (or their site) more often. I know a social media presence is so important for new restaurants, so posting at least weekly with any new or missing items or specials would help everyone when ordering and also get the word out more about this awesome place!

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