Food Review: Katmandu Momo in Conway

I have always enjoyed Katmandu’s food truck, but was very excited to try their brick-n-mortar restaurant in Conway, because I knew they have many more food options and I wanted to try them! Here’s the breakdown:


Located in downtown Conway, Katmandu is easy to find and large enough to accommodate everyone that came in for a Friday night dinner without a wait.


You can find their menu on their Facebook page, in the link above. However, there were some items that have been permanently removed from it. So, the current menu has the following scratched out and no longer available:
-Chatamari with chicken, beef, or pork (rice crepe topped with ground meat,  eggs, red onions, and cilantro.)
-Chatamari with veggies
-Any pork items- pork dumplings were no longer available for any dish.

I was really looking forward to trying that chatamari, so that was a little disappointing. Hopefully they bring it back as a special sometimes.


Kakro Ko Achar, $5.99
Description: Nepali-style cucumber salad.

This appetizer, though small for $6, was delicious! But be warned, it has quite the kick! It was definitely the spiciest thing I tried tonight, but it was also crunchy and refreshing. I believe the most prominent ingredient in the sauce was sesame oil, with some rice wine vinegar and cilantro, plus something spicy!

Jhol Momo, $10.99
Description: Soup momo, choice of beef, chicken, or veggies.

My friend warned me that this dish was pretty spicy, too spicy for her, so beware.  Well, I love spicy and this momo in a thick curry-like soup sounded perfect. It was great! Oddly, it was the least spicy thing I tried. Perhaps there can be some inconsistencies in their recipe?  Or perhaps my friend is just super sensitive to any spice?
Either way, I got chicken in this momo and it was tender and flavorful. I loved the soup/ sauce and thought it went really well with the steamed momo.

Chili Momo, $10.99
Description: Fried momo (choice of beef, chicken, or veggies) stir fried in sweet and spicy sauce, mixed with bell peppers, carrots, and cilantro

This dish was definitely the star of the show! FRIED momo (I got beef in this dish) covered in this thick, sweet and spicy sauce with some sauteed veggies was absolutely delicious! The sauce was perfectly balanced, sweet with a little heat. The momo stayed crunchy until the end. It was soo good. The beef inside the momo did seem a little tough, perhaps due to the fryer. So, next time I’ll try it with chicken or the veggie momo. But I will definitely, always order this dish! It was everyone at the table’s favorite, by far.


The food is so unique and tasty, I do love this place. However, be prepared to wait a while for your food.  It is probably not ideal for grabbing a quick lunch.  Also, if you’re sticking to the cucumber or momo dishes, these ran pretty small. So, order a couple things to try. Though, I have heard reports that the rice and noodle dishes are very large. I’ll have to try that chow main soon!

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