Food Review: Gettin’ Basted in Branson

Gettin’ Basted is a newer restaurant that is climbing the Yelp and TripAdvisor ranks very quickly. I’m always looking for food that isn’t very typical of Branson- so nothing Southern, including barbeque. But these reviews were too good to pass up. So, I checked it out, and I am so glad!


I would not have known about this new place unless it were for online reviews, since it is hidden in the retro diner in the Starlite Theatre. However, the food truck full of about 8 smokers outside of the theatre helps give a tasty-smelling hint.
However, the diner inside is super cute and helps fit in with the Branson theme.



This menu, posted on their Facebook page, is about what you would except- lots of barbeque.  However, there are more salads, sandwiches, and sides than I expect from a typical bbq place. And they have beer and wine!

While I first ordered the Burnt & Bleu salad, they said they were out of burnt ends, and usually that’s the first thing they run out of. So, eat here early if that’s what you’re craving.


Pittsburgh Sandwich- $9 with one side
Description: Texas toast, smoked bologna, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, fried egg

Apparently, I’m a sucker for a bologna sandwich and this was no exception. The bologna was also pan/ griddle seared and was a great texture without being overly smokey or too thick (which can be off-putting). The fried egg was PERFECT with some yellow yolk running all over the sandwich. The other toppings were in great proportion as well, with the mustard adding that delicious tang. Oh, it was good.
The chips I ordered for a side (I first went with the steamed veggies, but our helpful waitress warned me that today it was going to be just steamed broccoli….so I ordered the chips instead). These were fantastic house-made chips. They weren’t greasy, super crisp and seasoned well. I even took most home, there was a ton, and ate on them for another couple days without them getting stale.

Pulled Pork Plate- $12
Description: 1/2 lb of pulled pork with two sides

Drew got this dish (of course I got half) and with the help of our waitress, ordered amazing sides. The potato salad has won awards, so we went with that one. And I already knew from the Yelp reviews that we needed to try the Poblano Cream Corn Brule, which surprisingly has no cheese! Both were hits, and I want to make that corn dish at home now.
The pork was A LOT. We took over half of it home, but it was very good. Smokey, juicy, with a little sauce over the top. The sauce wasn’t overly sweet or thick, it had a little tang, which I really enjoyed.
Also, both of these plates came with some house-made pickles, which were a great addition to the richness.


I will definitely visit this place again. Not only was service fantastic, the prices seemed fair for all the food you get, but the food (especially the sides which can fall flat at many bbq joints) was VERY memorable. Give this place a shot, even if you don’t LOVE barbeque like me, you’ll still be very impressed.

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