Food Review: Milford Track Restaurant- The Best Homemade Pasta Around!

I’ve eaten in central Arkansas my whole life, but have never even seen a sign for Milford Track nor driven by it. So, I  was clueless about this hidden gem. I finally heard about it through another local food blogger and added it to my list to try.
On my first trip back out into the restaurant world since quarantining and only living on cooking and the very rare take-out, I put a lot of thought into where I would meet my mom for lunch. Looking into Little Rock’s best patios, because I still don’t feel comfortable eating indoors, I learned Milford Track has a great one, so this was an easy decision. Here’s the breakdown:


This restaurant, or more like a lunch eatery, is located in the Executive Center Plaza 2 building in the Westlake Corporate Park. Google Maps brought me to this parking lot, where I just had to walk around to the other side and enter where you see the large patio and tables. It faces a small pond and is a great area to enjoy a meal.


Milford Track has so much to offer! Besides a daily special and many family dinner options each week you can order to take home, there is a large breakfast menu and a very large lunch menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, and HOMEMADE PASTA.

I must explain how awesome this pasta menu is. First, you pick your pasta (flavors today were spinach, lemon pepper, rosemary basil, whole wheat), then you pick your sauce (flavors today were basil pesto, tomato pesto, cilantro pesto, low-fat alfredo, parmesan parsley, pepper garlic, marinara, black bean, or Raphael). For just the pasta and sauce, it is $8. Or you can add grilled veggies OR chicken for $10. If you want both chicken and veggies, it is $12.50. or you can get salmon and veggies added for $16.
No matter what, the portions are HUGE. Both of us easily had two meals out of this.

*I must mention this is no quick lunch stop. It took about 25 minutes for everyone’s food to come out, without a crowd. So, just be prepared.*

Rosemary basil pasta with pepper garlic sauce and added veggies:

The pasta was cooked to perfect aldente and the veggies were charged perfectly with a lot of flavor. The pepper garlic sauce definitely was not very garlic-y, but was still tasty. It tasted more like an alfredo sauce with a slight kick.

Rosemary basil pasta with cilantro pesto sauce with veggies and chicken:

My entire dish was unbelievably good. The pasta was again, perfectly aldente. The veggies were the second best part- so much flavor and cooked perfectly. The chicken was good, but there wasn’t very much of it. The cilantro pesto was very flavorful, I loved it! I didn’t even have to add any salt or pepper, which says a lot.

There was so much food, I had this much to take home to Drew after I was stuffed.


I loved this place! It was perfect for patio seating (though they do have limited indoor seating as well) if you have an hour for lunch or breakfast. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to order one of their amazing sandwiches or salads, because I HAVE to order the pasta always. So, let me know if any of their sandwiches are a must-try.
The service was slow, but friendly. The food and prices just couldn’t be beat!

Food Review: Sunday Brunch at @ The Corner

I finally tried @ The Corner this past Sunday for brunch around 10:00 a.m.
The line was outside the door and it was absolutely packed full. My friend and I hung in there and it took about 30 minutes of waiting in line to get to the counter to order. However, it took me about that long to decide which item I wanted to order. Everything sounded so good!

The Menu

While I couldn’t imagine spending $17 on a hash, I was really craving it and decided to go all in. So, I ordered one of the most expensive items, the Living Off the Land Hash. However, everything was very pricey- $10 for a biscuit and gravy?! Sheesh.

Living Off The Land Hash

While we did have to wait about 5 minutes for a seat at the bar after ordering, our food didn’t take too long to come out. My hash was HUGE! Though most of it was a very large piece of bread underneath everything….very deceiving. This was not a typical hash either….there were no hash browns. Rather, just fried potatoes that looked pre-made/ frozen. However, the rest of the dish  was extremely fresh and flavorful. Full of leeks, mushrooms, turkey sausage and a delicious pesto, the dish was very tasty. Oh, and the egg was perfectly cooked!

Brunch Poutine

My friend ordered the poutine, which was not as large a dish as the hash, but I got a taste of the gravy and it was very good.


Overall, while the food is beautiful and farm-to-fork, I found it just too expensive. Also, it was so packed and loud, you can’t help but feel rushed to give your seat to someone else that is waiting. Though, the service was very friendly and everyone made sure we liked everything and had a pleasant experience.