Food Review: Newfangled Love Kitchen in NLR

Newfangled Love Kitchen is a brand new restaurant that opened up next door to North Bar on JFK Blvd. in North Little Rock. It is owned by the same people that own North Bar and Lakewood Fish and Seafood Lounge. Pretty much,  these people are running all of the local restaurants in NLR these days.

The thing that makes this restaurant stand out is its menu:


The menu features mostly breakfast/ brunch items, along with a few burgers.  This is great for people like me that love breakfast for lunch and dinner, because they serve these dishes all day.
More importantly, there is a large selection of gluten free options and vegan options.

I decided on the gluten free eggs benedict.

This dish replaces the typical english muffin with a hash brown cake. I am not gluten-free, personally, but I love hash browns! These were crispy and mixed well with my pan seared ham, perfectly poached eggs, and the large amount of tangy, rich hollandaise sauce. I thought it was delicious! Plus, it was only $10. I’d definitely get this again.

My friend ordered the Kung Pao steak salad, which I also had my eye on.

At $12, she got a pretty large salad with a good amount of medium-rare (as she requested) ribeye. However, there wasn’t much seasoning on it and there was no spice whatsoever in the salad nor the dressing. She ate it, but would not order this again. It needs some heat and more flavor to be considered “Kung Pao”

Overall, everything ran very smoothly for a restaurant that opened officially about a week ago. The service was good, the food took about 20 minutes to get once ordered, and our waters were refilled in a timely fashion.

There are many other menu items I’d like to try, so I’ll definitely be giving this place another try soon.

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