Food Review: The Q Restaurant in Greers Ferry, AR

We spend a lot of time on Greers Ferry Lake in the summer. Lately, we have frequented the actual town of Greers Ferry while camping at The Narrows. Usually, we stop by the always-friendly Subway for a quick bite before hitting the lake. However, I noticed a tiny barbeque joint with very few reviews online. So, I was skeptical, but gave it a shot anyway. So glad I did!

To put simply, The Q is simple. It is an A-frame building with some outdoor picnic tables (no indoor seating) and a few parking spots. It is NOT fancy. But who wants fancy bbq?

Once you park, you walk up to the window, check out the menu, which is also posted on their Facebook page HERE,  and put in your order. You wait in your car, they deliver the goods, and you’re set to go!

Before even getting to the food, the two employees that were there one Saturday morning could not have been more welcoming and friendly. One even gave a compliment or two, which can’t hurt. =)

Now…the food.

I ordered the “Mixed Q” that comes with 3 ribs (I ended up with 4), pulled pork, and brisket, plus two sides of your choice. I opted for the mustard potato salad (mayo potato salad is also available) and the coleslaw. Three different sauces of differing heats were also included. All of this for $18.

This box was HEAVY.  The picture doesn’t do it justice. There were at least 3 full meals from this. The sides were good, especially the mustard potato salad. It seems they are both home-made.
The ribs had good flavor, but they weren’t fall-off-the-bone. I know, many people say ribs should never fall off the bone, but that’s just how I like them. So, I’ll probably skip out on these next time.
The brisket was very good and laying in its own juices! Not all of it was melt-in-your-mouth, but it was very good brisket.
Now, the winner here is the pulled pork. This was the most flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth fatty (in the best way), crusted pulled pork I’ve ever had. It was AWESOME.
The sauces were very tasty, all similar, but with different varieties of heat. Any of the leftover sauces were used on foods at the house afterwards.
I’ll be heading this direction again this weekend and will probably have to go get me a pulled pork plate!

If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by. These guys are great!

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