Food Review: Rock N’ Java is More Than Rocks and Coffee

I have driven past this “Rock N’ Java” shop multiple times. Whether we were heading to the Buffalo River or Branson, this shop always appeared to be a regular ole’ rock shop that happened to have coffee for sale, too. No thanks.
Then, on the way home from camping at the Buffalo this weekend, I was craving some good coffee. Besides gas stations, there aren’t many options around these parts of Arkansas for any coffee, so I decided to give this place a shot. And I kicked myself all the way back to my car when I realized what I have been missing out on for so many years!

A few miles south of Marshall, Arkansas, on Hwy 65, is where you can find this gem of a coffee shop, with a great view to go with it.

While it is a rock shop, it is unlike any rock shop I have encountered. Yes, it sells tons of cool rocks, but much more than that.  There were some local artists’ fare for sale, such as clay pottery and plenty of other unique finds. AND they not only sell ligit coffee, but food as well.

The inside is super fun and eclectic. This shop reminds of a few of the family-owned shops in small mountain towns in Colorado….hippies included.

When first entering, the super friendly barista was talking to a couple other young customers about the area. She then turned her full attention to us to answer any questions we had.
She suggested a simple latte with any flavor for me and an iced pomegranate green tea with mulled fruit mixed in for Drew.
She. nailed. it.
My 12 oz white chocolate latte for $2.99 truly hit the spot. She even asked what type of milk I preferred, so I got skim. Though, I’m sure soy or almond or whatever else kind of milk you prefer is available. Anyway, it was delicious.
Drew’s iced green tea stole the show, though. Placed in a large 32 oz styrofoam cup to go, it was full of ice, mulled fruit, and a delicious, flavorful, fruity green tea. Plus, it was only $3.29…can’t beat that.

There were just a handful of food options, which I opted out of since I had just finished a freeze-dried meal for breakfast. However, omelets and hash brown casserole were available for “breakfast all day”.
There was also a lunch special of a bbq sandwich, chips, and mac’n’cheese for $5.49. Also available was a grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Finally, there was also a case full of sweets, such as cookies and other pastries. I behaved myself and abstained….but next time, I’m not sure I’ll be able to pass the food up.

Overall, I’m so glad we stopped by this place. It will definitely be a must-stop-shop from now on. Give it a try and let me know if there is anything else delicious you enjoyed there!

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