Food Review: Sandwich Perfection at Boulevard Bread Company

I am updating this original post on Boulevard Bread Company because I got to eat there again and you have to know about this sandwich!

Porchetta Sandwich

Porchetta Sandwich at Boulevard Bread Co.

I got to try a famous porchetta sandwich from Meat and Bread in Vancouver over the summer. Guy Fieri raved about it. Here’s that review if you need a recap:

Anyway, I wanted to try Boulevard’s version of a porchetta sandwich to compare. Honestly, Boulevard’s porchetta sandwich kicked its butt.
First off, the grilled focaccia is to die for. It is buttery and herby, soft with a little chew…sandwich bread perfection. The house-made porchetta is tender and juicy, without being overly porky, like the porchetta at Meat and Bread. And there was a LOT of porchetta, and it just melts in your mouth.
The toppings were just right. Delicious pork shouldn’t be overthrown by cheese or lots of spreads. Boulevard’s sandwich uses a simple, yet flavorful aïoli, a little bit of sliced tomato, and fresh field greens. I believe these are the perfect toppings. This sandwich has great balance. You can taste the delicious bread, as well the pork, a little acid from the tomato which brightens it up, and a little garlic in the aïoli.  I love it.


Also, I ordered a full order for $8.75, it comes with your choice of chips. (Try the creole onion…sweet and flavorful, my new favorite chips) I couldn’t finish but half of my sandwich because it was so huge. So, Drew got to eat the leftovers about an hour later and he loved it as well…as cold and soggy as it may have been.

Go try it!

Breakfast Sandwich


The other sandwich I have tried here is the  “Breakfast Sandwich'”. It is one of only two breakfast options, and it is all they need. This sandwich was the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had….I’m starting to notice a patter with this place! It has crispy pancetta, a fried egg, tomatoes, fresh greens, and aioli on this thin, delicious bread.   It was around $6 after taxes. They brought it out in about five minutes. It is the perfect quick, non-drive-thru breakfast.  Wow, I would eat this every day. Now I STILL can’t wait to come for dinner soon!

But let your mouth be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments.

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